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Sri Lanka is a green and fertile land of great natural beauty with a tropical climate. Its friendly and hospitable people, the vivid colours, the exotic spices and cuisine and the captivating natural beauty have all combined to make this small nation one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

As you travel around this island, you will be often greeted with the gracious welcome of “Ayubowan” (May you have a long life) which is the traditional greeting in sinhala, accompanied by a slightly bowed head and palms placed together. It is a greeting of welcome to this beautiful land.

It’s a country that is steeped in centuries of ancient history, with ruined cities, palaces and citadels where myth and legend abound. Travel a few hours from these ancient cities and you will reach the misty mountains where the world most popular drink – tea – is grown. Home of the world famous Ceylon Tea, these mountains are also dotted with cascading waterfalls, colonial bungalows and breathtaking views.

The island has a rich biodiversity, with large numbers of terrestrial fauna such as large herds of Wild Elephants, several species of cats including Leopards, different species of Deer and aquatic fauna such as Sea Turtles, Dolphins, Whales and Crocodiles.

Sri Lanka offers an opportunity for an exotic luxurious travel experience, and a lifetime of memories, with a range of world class luxury hotels, resorts, spas and villas set alongside the palm fringed beaches, nestled in close vicinity to ancient cities or in the cool climes of the green hills.

Relax in luxurious comfort, reap the benefits of the centuries-old art of traditional Ayurvedic healing, or indulge in a variety of recreational sports – such as wind surfing, elephant riding, underwater diving, water rafting or whale watching, to name a few.

Eco Culture Solutions

Eco Culture Solutions is one of the emerging tour operators in Sri Lanka, providing a variety of unique holiday packages and tours that combine the best of the country’s natural beauty, as well as providing insights into the local culture, its people and their history.

Eco Culture Solutions is associated with Nagenahiru Nature Center, which promotes the concepts of eco tourism and protecting the environment of Sri Lanka.

Eco Culture Solutions was founded by Mr. Lal Emmanuel, an eminent environmentalist who won several International and National awards for the protection of Environment and Nature in Sri Lanka during last few years, including One World International Award for Sustainable Development offered by the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movement based in Germany.

Mr Emanuel is ably assisted by his son, Mr. Sajeeva Emmanuel, a graduate of the Ceylon School of Tourism who now also serves as a Visiting Lecturer at the School. A professional team of Holiday Coordinators, Tour Guides and service providers have been brought together to provide you with a memorable holiday.

The team at Eco Culture Solutions are committed to promoting eco tourism. The Directors and Officials of the company frequently lobby provincial and central government authorities to introduce environmentally friendly and sustainable tourism principles in policy making.