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Climbing Adam's Peak

Adam's Peak one of the famous holiest sites in Sri Lanka, Is a 2,243 m high conical mountain located in central Sri Lanka. It is well known for the Sri Pada, i.e., "sacred footprint", a 1.8 m (5 ft 11 in) rock formation near the summit.

The remarkable impressions that is resembles a foot imprint on the summit was identified by the Buddhists as Buddha’s footprint. It has been revered as a highly sacred preserving its antiquity. It is said that Muslims partake in the pilgrim as they believe it is the foot imprint of Adam’s while Christians later attributed it to St. Thomas the Apostle. Hindus also believe that Lord Shiva meditated on this hill and it’s his foot imprint. While the statistics state a variety of stories relating to different religions, but it is a fact that people of all faiths partake in this pilgrimage.

This is an ancient pilgrimage which has been attracting thousands of pilgrims from all over the world. Sri Pada has many legends trailing it. Some legends state that when Lord Buddha visited Ceylon (Sri Lanka), he left one of his foot imprints on n “Sumana-kuta” (Adam’s Peak).

The peak season to go on this trek is between Decembers - May. The usual route taken by most pilgrims is ascent via Hatton and descent via Ratnapura; although the Hatton trail is the steepest, it is also shorter than any of the other trails by approximately five kilometers. The greater part of the track leading from the base to the summit consists of thousands of steps built in cement or rough stones. The trails are illuminated with electric light, making night-time ascent possible and safe to do even when accompanied by children. Rest stops and wayside shops along the trails serve refreshments and supplies.

Climbing Adams Peak is definitely a long, strenuous climb. The tube lights at every 100 meters is guided your path up to the summit.

During your climb you will come across “Seeta Gangula” which is a free flowing holy waterfall in the midst of the mountain. From Seetha Gagula the trek gets incredibly difficult. Many pilgrims take a shower under the icy cold waterfall at Seeta Gagula.

The mountain breaks in a steep climb and its cavernous steps broke into an unpaved mud, stone trail which was washed away by the irritable rain. At the “Seeta Gangula” many pilgrims take a shower under the icy cold waterfall.

At Seeta Gagula pilgrimers purify a coin with holy water and then tied with the white strip of cloth onto a holy rail for blessings to continue the trek. It is important that as believed by Sri Lankans every new pilgrim follows this process for his/her safety and blessings from the deities.

Trekke nearly for 6 hours and about 7 kilometers uphill the mountain in a cold freezing environment you will be able to complete the climb and arrive at the most secred summit.

One of the unique and memorable thing during your climb to Adams Peak is the pilgrims themselves. You’ll pass hundreds of them going up and down. They believe they have to climb the mountain thinking pure thoughts, and so they often climb singing sacred slogans. Many will bless you as they pass, and you’re supposed to respond in song too. It is faith, and faith alone, that propels these people up the mountain. It is nothing short of amazing to see bent 70 year old women, or mothers carrying five year olds too tired to walk, persevering and negotiating the thousands of steps, all while chanting. Such was the strength of their devotion.

You can wait to watch the sun rise above the horizon. It is said to be a magnificent view, which is why most pilgrims start the climb around midnight to view the sunrise in the early morning.