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Boat Safari

Boat safari at coastal lagoons in Sri Lanka is an unforgettable and inspiring ride through the mangrove swamps. Most of the Coastal lagoons scattered with small islands and natural landscapes provide tangled mangrove swamps are ideal sites for boat safari and bird watching.

Wonderful way to explore the real nature, relaxing & fun for the whole family is to take a Boat trip through Mangrove Tunnels, Swamps and grasslands in coastal lagoons such as Bentara, Madu River or Madampa Lake wild Life sanctuary in Sri Lanka allows guests to explore a different side of these lagoons and birds on the riverbank while you drift down some of the most scenic parts of Sri Lanka in a custom designed, comfortable and safe boat excursion.

Eco Culture boat tour begins with a brief introduction to the Biological Diversity and the centuries old cultures of the Lake and surroundings and safety equipment orientation. This very special boating trip that you will never forget, offers something different and special. While joining this boat ride our experience, boatmen briefing you on the flora and fauna around the lake. You can explore the mangroves looking for all types of wildlife available at this newly declared Wild life sanctuaries. (Monkeys, Bat Hooting sites, civet & Mongooses, River otter, iguanas, lizards, Crabs, Crocodiles, Snakes, many types of Birds, Butterflies & much more). The mangroves are a very amazing area to explore with their incredible root systems that grow above the water and spread out.

You can also experience how Water monitors either swimming placidly by the side of the boat, with flicking tongues or resting on trees. These Asian water monitor lizard, which today is one of the most readily accessible large reptiles on this planet - an animal which can be seen during boat excursion in Sri Lanka a memorable and unusual attraction.

The mangrove forest an import area because it acts as a filter for water & it is where the land meets the ocean (making it home or the seasonal home of so many crabs, birds, lizards an all types of animals and insects). This is a very easy ride because we are going up river with the tide and then turning around to ride back down with the tide.

You will also enjoy snacks under the shades of Mangroves while you are riding. We provide you with Sri Lankan fresh fruit juice seasonal fruits, and peanuts. After one and half hours we return down the lake for the last leg of our adventure. The trip takes 2 hours and in addition to snacks and refreshments we supply water bottles, life jacket, Binoculars etc and a knowledgeable guide.

By joining our Boat Excursion you will also fortunate to advances Environmental Awareness, knowledge & appreciation through hands-on experience in a Natural outdoor classroom.