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Eco Camping under the canopy of Mangroves

To experience the peace and tranquility of pure nature during your holidays in Sri Lanka Camping under the rich Mangrove forest at the Nagenahiru Center for Environment located in the Madampa Lake Wild Life Sanctuary is a wonderful way to be closer to nature and truly enjoy what the Sri Lanka has to offer. Sleep under the shade of Mangroves offers you a unique and exciting camping experience.

All camping tents are nestled under the canopy of rich mangrove forest facing the picturesque location Madampa Lake is a true eco resort. Situated on the small patch of land at the Madampa Lake Wild Life Sanctuary just 3 KM off the Colombo Galle express way. This undeveloped location sits quietly in the Madmpa Wetland system with rich biodiversity barely touched by the human hand. This little patch of land boasts abundant virgin ecosystems of all types including mangroves, tropical rainforests and Mangrove swamp forests. There are few human inhabitants surrounding and for this reason a huge variety of vegetation and wildlife thrive in peace here.

The Nagenahiru Center for Environment is an excellent location for ecofriendly activities, such as canoeing, bird watching, jungle rekking, fishing and relaxing. It is also perfect for conservation and ecological research and education.

The eastern boarder of the Madampa Lake occupied different forests that are strewn throughout and the mangroves that skirt the edges are undeveloped and completely natural. We would like it to stay that way.

The site is set up prior to your arrival, with everything from the kitchen sink, chairs and tables, toilets, showers and cold beer being transported in. In the evening you can enjoy a hearty barbecue meal in a magical setting – the whole area is lit up with traditional flame torches and a roaring campfire. So sit back, relax and let our experienced staff cater to your every need. While you are camping at the Nagenahiru Center for Enviuronment you will received the opportunity to experience the Boat Excursion searching for birds and other wild life, Canoeing, fishing with local fishermen and many more….

Camping at the Nagenahiru Center for Environment is the place to visit if you have never seen a monitor lizard! Among other creatures, there are plenty of tree-crabs and those alien-looking mudskippers. Also a great place to observe birds like kingfishers and herons. There are plenty of observation posts to watch the shore birds without disturbing them. The Environment Center itself is ecofriendly and the boardwalks crossing the Mangrove Forest are interesting. The cafe just beyond the entrance provides a very peaceful atmosphere while sitting by the pond that is teeming with swimming ducts. Pelicans and un-bathing monitors!

"Imagine for a moment, that you are hidden away on a deserted wetland. There are no distractions. Just you, your tent and the nature that surrounds you. Listen to the birds singing in the trees, to the tree frogs calling each other and to the lapping of the waves of rhew beautiful lake.