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Beautiful Landscapes at Ella

The beautiful tropical island of Sri Lanka blessed with a great variety of beautiful landscapes. Only 8 km from Bandarawela, Located at a height of 1,041 metres above sea level, Ella is famous for its stunning views, Ella is blessed with some of the most beautiful views, you could find in Sri Lanka. Striking waterfalls and ancient caves with noteworthy religious and historical significance.

Ravana falls is closely linked in legend with the great epic of the east Ramayanaya. It’ name is from Ravana, The powerful demon king who once ruled SriLanka. The cave hidden behind the fall is still believed by many to be one of the places where he hid the beautiful princess, Sita, after her abduction from India.

Some of the places you could see in Ella are the Ella Gap, Ravana Ella Falls, Little Adam's Peak and Bambaragala Peak among the other many varied pleasant walks with stunning scener.

Ella Gap

Overlooks a spectacular gap in the southern mountain wall where the land falls away in a dizzy drop of 3,000 ft. to the southern plains and the sea, which is visible in the far distance on a clear day.

The “Ella Gap” is an actual ‘gap’ between two mountains from which you could witness several stunning view, from multiple angles. It is said that on a clear day you can see across Wellawaya plains all the way to the Hambantota coastline.

In addition to the view, there is quite a bit more to see in the - from visits to the nearby jungles to the tea plantations and even a hike up the mountains. On top of my list was to find the famous Ravana Cave. It is pretty hard to get to and as you trekked through the wilderness and climbed the 700 steps to reach the top.

Ravana Cave

Ravana Cave is located on a cliff close to Ella water falls can be visited on a day trip from the villages of Ella, This cave is part of a tunnel or network of caves said to be connected to the Ravana Ella Waterfall which is more popular with tourists. In the Hindu legend of the Ramayana, it is said that the Demon King of Sri Lanka Ravana lived here for some years. He abducted Princess Sita, wife of the Indian Lord Rama and kept her trapped in Ravana Cave.

Climbing up to the caves by nearly 700 narrow stairs cut in the rock is no easy task if you are not used to high altitudes but easy if you are a trekker or hiker.

Trekking at Ella

Nature has blessed Ella falls and surrounding area with picturesque mountains, hills, stream and beautiful waterfalls and this has made it a favorite among nature lovers. The diverse terrain offers something or the other to every traveler and a lot of tourists flock to Ella village throughout the year in pursuit of leisure and relaxation.

Ella is a wonderful place to trek through, with its breathtaking views and varying landscape. Depending on your preference you can plan your trekking programme. The trails will take you through dense forests, past rivers and cascading waterfalls and into nearby villages, where you can share their traditional lifestyle and culture during your brief journey.

While on one hand the misty mountains of Ella and surrounding areas are a quiet getaway for some, for some other they are the centres of adventure. Adventure enthusiasts have made the hills and mountains of Karnataka their regular haunt for trekking, rappelling, rock climbing etc.