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Indigenous Knowledge & Cultural Practices in Sri Lanka


Sri Lankan puppeteers have created a tradition inherited to Sri Lanka while having a great skill to dance the puppets dressed with beautiful costumes and masks connected with strings which are used for traditional Bali, Thovil, healing rituals and folk dance characters. Guest can enjoy how puppeteers are clever enough to make humor, fear, sympathy and satire to the audience by presenting of dialogs, poems and speeches.

The traditional puppeteers will teach you to perform puppet dancing by yourself. With a short period they will transfer required skills to the guest which they practice for centuries.

Devil Dancing wearing Traditional Mask

The Lake Heritage site Madampa Lake area is the birth place for Sri Lankan Mask and devil dance.

Tourist visiting Lake Heritage will be surprised listening to the centuries old indigenous music of islanders playing during mask dancing performance before vanishing from the planet. Traditional craftsmen will teach tourist how to make a Puppet or a Mask. Nagenahiru Center provides the visitors with necessary materials and tools, while dancers and crafts man will provide an inside to the indigenous skills.

Indigenous Health Practices

Traditional medical practices have safeguarded the health of indigenous communities for generations. There is a consensus on the gradual extinction of indigenous knowledge including Traditional medical knowledge...

Traditional Farming

Some historians tend to believe that the population of Sri Lanka, during certain periods in her history, had exceeded the present figure of 20.48 million where the country produced all its food requirements...

Rituals and Customs

Traditional Rituals and Customs play a specific role in Sri Lankan society. Over the rich and long history of Sri Lanka these centuries old indigenous practices being handed over from generation to generation...

Ola Leaf

Palm leaf manuscripts commonly known as Ola Leaf writing prepared using traditional technological process incorporated with cultural practices. Large amount of information related to traditional medicine, cultural practices, astrology, agriculture, ancient technology can be found by studding these Palm leaf manuscripts still available in Sri Lanka.

Bali Thovil & Shanthi Karma

While visiting Lake Heritage you will be able to witness how traditional and local methods have been used in order to heal patients by prior arrangements spending little extra money.

You can observe how Patients who were suspected to be possessed by unseen powers and spirits have got recovered having undergone traditional means such as thovil and shanthi karma.