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Introduction to Lake Holidays

A Perfect place for Learning, exploring and relaxation…

The newly build Nature Center that overlooks Madampa Lake Wild Life Sanctuary. Surrounded by thousands of thousand acres of constructed wetland with high bio diversity , a heaven for visitors in search of a quiet retreat provides Recreational, Relaxing as well as Educational opportunities at this unique habitat. The wetland features elevated boardwalk through Mangroves, featuring interpretive signs about the habitat. The Nature Center includes a brackish water Aquarium, Observation Tower and model of severely threaten wetland animals and many for attractions … , extensive exhibition room that highlights wetland attributes. Come for a visit and find that there’s something for everyone at this fantastic new facility Nagenahiru Center for Environment advances Environmental Awareness, Knowledge & Appreciation through hands-on experience in a Natural Outdoor classroom. The perfect place for learning, exploring, getting away and connecting. Relaxing & fun for the whole family.-

A wonderful way to explore the real nature at Madampa Lake for you is to take a trip on the Traditional Catamaran/Boat through Mangrove Tunnels, Swamps and grasslands. A paddle amongst your tour begins with a brief paddling lesson and safety equipment orientation.

We assist and facilitate you to explore the mangroves looking for all types of wildlife available at this newly declared Wild Life Sanctuary Madampa Lake.(Monkeys, Bat Hosting sites, River otters, iguanas, lizards, Crabs, Crocodiles, Snakes, Birds, Butterflies & much more) The mangroves are a very amazing area to explore with their incredible root systems that grow above the water and spread out as if any walking. Find yourself in the shade of 80 foot mangrove trees that host to so much bio-diversity. The mangrove is an important area because it acts as a filter for water & it is where the land meets the ocean (making it home or the seasonal home of so many crabs, birds, lizards and many kinds of animals and insects).

You can also enjoy by visiting local communities, experience their traditional life styles, observation of flora and fauna, bird watching, canoe rides, fishing, camping under the canopy of Mangroves and many more.