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Introduction of Traditional Wedding in Sri Lanka

The Eco Culture Wedding Package

A traditional Sri Lankan wedding, under the canopy of a tropical mangrove forest is the special experience that awaits you with Eco Culture Solutions. A memorable event, making your special day extra special with personalised touches of Sri Lankan tradition, culture and graceful hospitality.

You will be provided with all the wonderful traditional attire, to make you look your best on this special day.

Your wedding will take place on a beautiful raised, wooden platform called the Poruwa. Decorated with woven young coconut leaves and flowers, your wedding ceremony and all its associated Buddhist traditional rituals will take place on this Poruwa.

There are many rituals and traditions which are associated with the marriage ceremony, and these will be carefully followed to give you a complete experience. You will be led to the Poruwa in a colourful procession of traditional Kandyan Dancers and Drummers.

Among the most important symbolic acts is when the marriage is blessed by tying the index fingers of the Bride and Groom with a golden thread or chain and water poured on it by the master of ceremonies from an ornate silver jug whilst chanting ancient blessings.

At the end of the ceremony, young girls will chant a traditional song of blessing, showering the couple with good wishes for their future together.

Your wedding will be celebrated with a spread of traditional food at the end of the ceremony, a feast to be enjoyed with your friends and family who may also be joining in your special day.

This will be followed by a special, one-hour boat excursion on a specially decorated boat, taking you outdoors to enjoy the beauty of nature and serenaded with live music by a 3-member music troupe.

The finale to your wedding package is a three-day honeymoon tour, beginning with a night’s stay at a beautiful beach-fronted hotel on the southern coast.

And to ensure that you remember every detail, the Wedding Package will provide you with an Album of photographs (or a CD with digital pictures if you prefer) and an edited, short video of your special day.

Capping your entire experience will be a special wedding gift from Eco Culture Solutions, extending a blessing and a warm wish for your happy future together.


Tailor made wedding packages are also available, to suit your personal preferences and dreams! Contact us for more information