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Lake Heritage Offer You...

Lake Heritage offer guests a chance to engage with local communities on an intimate level. While visiting Lake Heritage guest will be able to participate in activities that demonstrate centuries old traditional life styles and indigenous practices of the Lake people still existing in and surrounding Madampa Lake region.

The warm-hearted people welcome you to create life-long memories and friends by joining them to explore the area. Local guide will accompany you throughout your time in the Lake Heritage, to make sure you fully interact with the people you meet and information to help you understand the local customs and culture.

Each part of the area has a variety of activities that offer something for people of all ages and abilities. Activities guest can experience while visiting Lake Heritage fall into four main categories: cultural rituals, Traditional Life styles of Local People, centuries old indigenous practices and unspoiled nature of the lake region. Despite having an itinerary, the rich biodiversity and pictorials landscape of the Madampa Lake and its wetland system offers many activities just happen naturally as you become part of the Lake Heritage.

The location of this project is Madampa Lake and surrounding area in south west coast of Sri Lanka, culturally marginal and environmentally sensitive region. This tourism project is based in a concept in which “Ecological and Cultural Aspects” of the landscape are combined to create an attractive site to promote responsible tourism while benefiting the local communities. Careful tourism development provides the chance to benefit from the rich cultural heritage and the valuable and sensitive lake and surrounding environment and to use them as a basis for the development of the Madampa Lake region and empowerment of its local population through tourism development.