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Marriage Registration and Requirements

As part of your Wedding Package, Eco Culture Solutions will arrange the legal registration of your marriage in Sri Lanka, under Sri Lankan law.

Documentation – to be provided by the Couple

  • Photocopies of the following documents should be sent at least 10 working days ahead of your wedding date via a secure courier service, and you should bring all the original documents (1-8 listed below) with you.

  • Please note that these documents are required for BOTH Bride and Groom.

  • Some documents may not be relevant, and if you have any questions, Eco Culture Solutions will help you understand clearly what is required and which documents apply to your specific situation.

    1. Birth certificate (of BOTH Bride & Groom)
    2. Copies of the passport information page (of BOTH Bride & Groom)
    3. If adopted - legal forms pertaining to adoption
    4. Legal proof of any name changes by Deed Poll.
    5. An affidavit confirming your marital status, certified by a solicitor in your country of residence (for BOTH Bride & Groom, separately)
    6. If divorced - decree absolute /s.
    7. If widowed:
      a) Death certificate/s of former spouse/s.
      b) Previous marriage certificate/s.
    8. A document indicating the full name, postal address and occupation and the full names, addresses and occupations of your parents (living or deceased). This is required for BOTH Bride & Groom.


  • If any of the documents are not in English, please send us a English Translation of the documents from a legally recognized translator.

Other Requirements

  • You are required to arrive in Sri Lanka and reside at the Nature Center of Eco Culture Solutions for at least 3 working days prior to the proposed date of your wedding.