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Turtle Hatchery

Turtle Conservation in Sri Lanka

Millions of years before man colonized in Sri Lanka, marine turtles had been coming to the undisturbed beaches of this beautiful island to lay their eggs. Presently due to the speedy population increases with the development Turtle nesting beaches are being disturbed by human activities. During past the marine turtle population is decreasing in the world due to the illegal "Tortoise shell Trade ", Killing Turtle for meat, destroying their feeding habitats such as coral reef , caught and drowned in fishing gear , illegal poaching of turtle eggs etc..

Presently Sri Lanka is taking several steps for the conservation of this critically endangered five species of marine turtle at the south western coast of Sri Lanka.

  • Olive ridley turtle
  • Logger head turtle
  • Leather back turtle
  • Green Turtle
  • Hawksbill turtle

During your holidays in Sri Lanka you will get opportunity to visit and volunteer to feed these cortically endangered marine creature and gain practical experience or to learn how Sri Lankans protecting and conserving these endangered marine creatures.

If you are visiting a turtle hatchery at night you may be fortunate to see and observe how these incredible marine creatures haul themselves away from the water, dig deep into the sand, and lay their eggs in the sandy beaches of the Indian Ocean. Visitors need to take care not to disturb these creatures, which are strictly protected under laws of Sri Lanka