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The Wedding Rituals and Traditions

The Wedding that has been planned for you by Eco Culture Solutions comprises the richest of Sri Lankan traditions, and a respect of nature and the natural surroundings.

Here is a summary of the many traditions and rituals, to help you understand and appreciate the centuries-old traditions which will come together to create a beautiful and memorable wedding day.

  • The Poruwa ceremony takes centre stage at traditional Buddhist wedding ceremonies. It involves a series of rituals performed by the bride and groom, and also their families.

  • The father or the uncle of the bride and groom will assist each of them to step on to the Poruwa. If your family is not joining you for this ceremony, be assured that the staff of Eco Culture Solutions will be honoured to play this and many other roles during the ceremony on behalf of your family.

  • The entire marriage ceremony takes place on the Poruwa. The couple will exchange vows and also betel leaves seven times in a tradition that means the bond of unity and love will last for seven generations.

  • The marriage is symbolised by tying the index fingers of the couple with a golden chain or thread and water poured on it by the master of ceremonies from an ornate silver jug whilst chanting blessings.

  • After the couple exchanges wedding rings, they will feed each other with milk, cooked rice and water, a symbolic pledge to take care of each other for life.

  • Upon completion of the traditional rituals on the Poruwa, the newlywed couple will step down to the chanting and beating of drums. Traditionally as the couple steps down a coconut is broken to bless them with children.

  • The couple will light a traditional oil lamp to symbolize prosperity, health and success.