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Your wedding will take place under the canopy of a thick Mangrove Forest at the Madampa Lake Wildlife Sanctuary in Ambalangoda, in Sri Lanka’s South coast, providing your wedding with a truly earthy, natural and eco-friendly ambience.

This is a setting which offers memorable recreational opportunities, advancing awareness and appreciation of the beautiful natural surroundings through hands-on experiences.

When you arrive at your wedding venue, you may be surprised at the diversity of plants and animals you find here. There is an ambience of thriving life that permeates the area, a glimpse of the beauty and diversity of our amazing natural environment.

Your wedding destination is also home to many interesting animals, such as waterfowl, waders, pelicans, frogs, and many other rare and threatened species. The wildlife sanctuary has become a haven for these endangered species and you will be truly blessed to be in their midst as you celebrate your special day.

Soon after the completion of the wedding ceremony, you will be able to enjoy a boat excursion in a specially decorated boat. This one or two hour boat ride on the Madampa Lake will introduce you to the ducks, herons, cormorants, water monitors, eagles and many other birds that frequent the lagoon whom you can spot through the binoculars we provide you during the boat ride.

Surrounded by thousands of acres of wetlands with high biodiversity, there are many recreational opportunities available at this unique habitat. The wetland also features elevated boardwalks which take visitors through the Mangroves, with informative signs about the habitat.

Relaxing in the newly built Nature Centre which overlooks Madampa Lake Wildlife Sanctuary, the newly wedded couple can enjoy a multitude of recreational activities after their wedding ceremony, including:

  • Canoeing in the lake: paddling through Mangrove Tunnel, swamps and grassland in a traditional catamaran
  • Fishing: learn to fish like the locals by joining some local fishermen for an evening of fishing using traditional fishing methods.
  • Camping: Enjoy a night of eco camping in a Mangrove forest, with all the comforts and without disturbing or disrupting the natural environment.
  • Nature Tours: Enhance your awareness on Wetland flora and fauna, by taking a specially guided nature tour, to understand the rich biodiversity of the mangrove forest and its impact on our environment.
  • Get Hands on: Join in a mangrove planting initiative, by joining in a mangrove restoration project.

Many other special activities can be arranged for you by the Nature Centre, upon request.