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The unique Sri Lankan wedding that is planned for you by Eco Culture Solutions will bring the exotic beauty of nature and the graciousness of the Sri Lankan people into your memorable event.

The wedding package includes a wide range of services and special items, which have been carefully selected to ensure your special day is one you will treasure for a lifetime.

An Introduction

  • A special video will be sent to you when you book your wedding and ahead of your arrival in Sri Lanka.
  • This video will give you an introduction to the traditions and rituals of the Sri Lankan wedding ceremony and give you a glimpse into the clothes, the ceremony, the food and the many different aspects that you can look forward to enjoying at your Sri Lankan wedding.

The Venue

  • The beautiful tropical mangrove forest and Madampe lake is the picturesque setting of your ceremony
  • A raised wooden platform, the traditional Poruwa, will be created within this setting, under the canopy of the mangrove trees
  • This platform will be beautifully decorated with fresh, young coconut leaves woven into intricate designs, and fresh local flowers – a traditional and earth-caring way to beautify your wedding
  • A traditional master of ceremonies will coordinate all the elements of your marriage ceremony, by helping you understand the step by step process of each ritual and he will also chant the special chants and blessings of the ceremony

The Clothes

  • Traditional Sri Lankan wedding clothes will be provided to the Bride and Groom
  • You can select from a range of different clothes and colours, and be advised by a local stylist on what would best suit you
  • Traditional jewellery worn only by brides, is an important and special facet of a Sri Lankan Bride. Feel extra special as you don these traditional jewellery
  • The hair, make up and dressing of the Bride will be undertaken by a professional hair dresser and stylist.
  • Fresh blooms from the gardens of the Nagenahiru Centre will be gathered into a simple bouquet for the Bride, and be formed into a buttonhole corsage for the Groom.

The Music and Atmosphere

  • Traditional Kandyan drummers and dancers will lead the couple to the Poruwa, where the marriage ceremony takes place
  • A bevy of young girls will sing the beautiful Jayamangala gatha, or the song of blessing and hope, at the end of your marriage ceremony, as you step into your new life together
  • A three-person music group will serenade you on your boat ride, and also perform for you and your guests during your wedding lunch

The Food

  • A traditional ceremonial wedding table, filled with traditional sweetmeats, fruits and decorated with fresh flowers will greet you and your wedding guests
  • Traditional Wedding cakes will be served to you and your guests, as is done at all local weddings
  • A special wedding lunch (for a maximum of 20 guests) will be arranged under the canopy of the mangrove forest

The Legalities

  • The legal registration of your marriage will be arranged through a local Registrar of Marriages
  • Your wedding package will include the registration costs, stamp fees and translation of documents
  • You will be provided with a certified, translated copy of your marriage registration before you leave Sri Lanka

The Honeymoon

  • In discussion with you, a tailor-made honeymoon tour will be developed for you
  • The first night, however will be at a beautiful beach resort along the Southern coast.
  • The honeymoon tour will include venues of your choice, and you will travel in a comfortable air conditioned vehicle, with star class accommodation throughout.
  • You can also have the services of an experienced tour guide, on request.

The Memories

  • A Photo Wedding Album will be presented to you at the end of your honeymoon and before you leave Sri Lanka. You can also request a CD of digital images, if you prefer. These photographs will be taken by a local professional photographer.
  • A Wedding video, of around 10 mins duration, will also be provided to you. This video will capture all the highlights of your wedding, and will be produced by a professional video crew.