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Why Sri Lanka

Sir Lanka an Island in the Indian Ocean surrounded by tropical sandy beaches and rises into cool highland rich with tea plantations manifesting beautiful panorama. The jangled hinterland roamed by Leopard, Elephant and wild boar, leading finally to the cool highlands where pure cool air blowing incessantly.

A land of variety. No other country can boast of such a diversity of natural landscapes from breathtaking mountains and foaming waterfalls to sluggish rivers dense forests with amazing wild life and golden beaches with blue lagoons and waving palms along the coastline. And of course, her friendly people are known for their hospitality through the centuries.

Lend a Hand and Make a Difference Sri Lanka as a interesting Destination for holidays makers from all over the world. As it offers a wide range of options for the visitors towards the richest possible understanding of a distinct culture and a true sense of global perspective and experience.

May you have the gift of long life! A- you-bo- wan

In Sri Lanka, holding the palms of the hands close together against the chest is a gesture wishing goodbye, respect, devotion or loyalty - and it is also a polite welcome with her Traditional Greeting An unspoiled island with its exotic beauty and rich cultural heritage, are vibrant with life, a life that is closely intertwined with nature and the surroundings sea.

With sunny beaches, majestic ancient cities, beautiful wildlife, wondrous traditions, and smiling people, Sri Lanka is a true paradise for travelers and holiday makers.

Historical cities equipped with archeological wonders have become the staple of many of our tour packages.

Sri Lankan Buddhist citizens practice their traditional beliefs with great enthusiasm. The historic city of Kandy contains the famous temple of the sacred Tooth-Relic of the Buddha. The Kandy Esala Perahera, held annually in August is a traditional ritual festival. The procession in a powerful torchlight parade consists of hundreds of young dancers Local musicians, well trained Elephants and many other salient features. The ruined city of Polonnaruwa was the capital of Sri Lanka from the 11th to the 13the century. It’s a rained city. The ancient remains remind us of monasteries, temples, palaces, gardens and lakes, In the steep forested hills you will find the historical Sigiriya on a rock-top fortress. It was a rock-shelter monastery and also the palace of king Kashyapa. The wonderfully well preserved paintings and the frescoes on the side of the rock are world famous and the Cave Temple at Dambulla, possess a real sense of history. To add to the delight, one of the joys of exploring the historic island of Sri Lanka.

During the colonial era tea plantation thrived on a massive scale on the cool highland. Still there are timber framed British bungalows where the British settlers sat and watched tea pickers at work and tea factories in action. It was a spectacular panoramic view of the ministry hills.

In the Southern province the European cultures blend rapidly. Portuguese and Dutch elements are manifested by the fortified out post in the city of Galle. Recently renovated fortress in the heart of Galle city is a glamorous sight.

Nuwera Eliya “The Little England” is famous for its cool climate, highland green tea, colonial English style buildings, and enjoyable train journey up the hill through long tunnels. Beautiful Building built by the British in the 18th century reflecting Victorian style architecture. Visit the Horton plains, World’s end, Knuckles Range, Pidurutalagala and numerous inspiring waterfalls.

Pinnawela elephant orphanage, large number of National parks with amazing wild life, newly constructed ports, highways, fishing harbors, Hotels and motels serving indigenous foods, Ayurvedic herbal treatment and many other heart tending services are in the offing.

Thus Sri Lanka,,,,,
A Friendly, delightful, refreshing island in the Indian ocean...

Turquoise waters, white sand beaches, vibrant cities, amazing wild life, ancient cultures, Historical capitals , lush jungles, mouth-watering food and most of all, smiling faces, traditional highlights and 'surprises around every corner' satisfy both the holiday maker and seasoned travellers, the first timer and the repeater, With the right balance of sights and surprises, Sri Lanka emerging as a favorite destination for holiday makers from all over the world.