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Wind Surfing in Sri Lanka

Windsurfing in Sri Lanka will lead you to discover breathtaking and magnificent lagoons, scenic beaches, world-class marine reserves and alluring windsurf sites. Sri Lanka is blessed with the azure waters of the Indian Ocean, which lap the entire 1,585 kilometers of the coastline.

Due to the two seasonal monsoon seasons that hits east and West coasts at different times of the year Sri Lanka provides year-round surfing opportunities. The east coast is best for surfing during the months of May - September while the west coast and south coast are best during December and March though November to April offers suitable weather conditions for the surfers to enjoy.

Sri Lanka is one of the English speaking country in South Asia . It has a rich history combining Asian and European influences. The tropical seas and consistent winds of Sri Lanka make the country a paradise for windsurfing, the steady 12-30 knot winds and warm weather create ideal sailing conditions.


West coast town of Bentota one hour drive from Colombo is a popular for windsurfing with water and wind conditions best during the season from November to April is a perfect for beginner to extreme windsurfers looking for perfect mixture of sun, sea and surf. There are several Watersports Centres in Bentota providing training and certification for windsurfers. You can take a short boat trip offshore to dive over the coral reefs, grab a snorkel and mask to paddle through tropical fish or water-ski on the Bentota lagoon.

The water is always warm and the lagoon is shallow enough to stand in most places. In most of the wind surfing locations offshore coral reef protects it from the onshore waves and swells, so beginners can start inside and experts can go out.

Arugam Bay

Arugam Bay on the east coast is the best surfing spot in Sri Lanka and identified as one of the top 10 best surfing points in the world and is the venue for the annual international surfing competition that brings in many experiential travellers to the country. Arugam Bay Beach is located on the Eastern coast of Sri Lanka 220km far from Colombo. The Bay crowds a large fleet of fishing boats which operate off the beach and the beach has excellent waves and one of the best windsurfing location in the island.

There are several attractive surf points with very long, consistent, section right hand break. Travelers have facilities to rent boats and go on boat trips while viewing wild elephants and monkey wondering around the area. The best surfing season is April to September. Undoubtedly, Arugam Bay Beach is one of best beaches in Sri Lanka and a best travel destination in Eastern Province.