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The beautiful island of Sri Lanka is blessed with hundreds of rivers, reservoirs, ancient canals and lagoons, which you can do Kayaking & Canoeing. This will allow you to explorer the natural beauty of the landscapes and the people living by. One of the breath taking leisurely spot for Canoeing we suggest is exploring Madampa Lake Wild Life Sanctuary which located at South West coast of Sri Lanka one hour drive from the Colombo capital. Rich Biodiversity surrounded by pristine Mangrove forest provide a golden opportunities to try out canoeing for recreation as well as for exploring the surrounding nature. This Lake provide an ideal setting for this relaxing activity and one of the best option to explore the rich biodiversity and traditional life styles of the local people living surrounding this picturesque location.

Few hours canoeing at this unspoiled coastal lake will definitely is the wonderful way to explore the real nature at Madampa Lake for yourself is canoeing for few hours through Mangrove Tunnels, Swamps and grasslands. If you are a beginner or with little experience on canoeing we provide you with a brief paddling lesson and safety equipment orientation.

Before you start your canoeing we assist, facilitate and provide you with all required information and directions you to explore the mangroves looking for all types of wildlife available at this newly declared Wild Life Sanctuary Madampa Lake. (Monkeys, Bat Hosting sites, River otters, iguanas, lizards, Crabs, Crocodiles, Snakes, Birds, Butterflies & much more) The mangroves are a very amazing area to explore with their incredible root systems that grow above the water and spread out as if any walking. It's a memorable experience to canoe under the shade of 80 foot mangrove trees and canoeing across the Mangrove tunnels that host to so much bio-diversity. And also to explore the beautiful landscape which changers from world best cinnamon plantations, rural villages, Mangrove forest, paddy fields and finally constructive wetland.

Best Time for canoeing: Any time of the year. Avoid the rainy season. Eco Culture Tours offer you some outstanding facilities such as safety jackets, Binoculars, mineral water, snack and pea nuts during your canoeing hours.

Canoeing is one sport, which presents quiet a unique combination of exploration. In Canoeing, you paddle through the amazing lake , explore Mangrove forest for different species of flora and fauna specially for several species of water birds as well as for migratory birds resting at this fantastic wetland reserve. Canoeing is an eco-friendly water sports. Canoes are made to glide through water and because of their conical ends they are easy to operate on water. This unique feature makes them highly capable on trying on most areas of this lake with rich biodiversity. Canoes can accommodate at least two people with their gear and is usually practiced on lakes and lagoons, which have flat and still water.