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Whales & Dolphin Watch

Dolphin watch srilanka Dolphin watch srilanka Dolphin watch srilanka Dolphin watch srilanka

Dolphins and whales always fascinate children and adults and Every 2 or 3 minutes, in fact, these cute friends come to the surface to breathe and it is at that time that it is possible for you to see and photograph them.

Both Mirissa and Dondra beaches of the South coast and Trincomalle in the East Coast of Sri Lanka are best places in the world to sight whale and dolphins. Blue whales, sperm whales and spinner dolphins some of the species you can spot during your excursion at the surrounding Indian Ocean.

Blue Whales

The largest creature ever known to have existed on Earth is the present-day blue whale. Today's blue whale is even larger than its prehistoric ancestors, reaching a total length of 30 m (100 ft.) and a weight of 136 t. The blue whale's heart alone is the size of a small car. The calves of blue whales measure 7 m (23 ft.) at birth and weigh about 2.2 to 2.7 t (2.4 to 3 tn.). A female blue whale can produce more than 200 litres (50 gal.) of high-fat milk per day. weaned at about six months of age, the calf will already be about 16 m (52 ft) long.

Blue whale also known as an endangered animal worldwide and can be spotted during your excursion at the south coast of the island. Blue whale live individually or in very small pods, frequently swimming in pairs. More frequents sightings of resident and migratory whales crossing over to the Arabian Sea from the Bay of Bengal in Kalpitiya and the West Coast has made whale watching extremely popular in Sri Lanka which are best seen from November to April.

Spinner Dolphins

Spinner Dolphins are another common species found in Sri Lankan waters and undoubtedly the most striking ones that were named for their unique behavior of leaping and spinning, a behavior which can be seen long distances away. These spins can involve more than 4 body revolutions. Spinner dolphins grow to 6-7 feet in length and 130-170 pounds in weight. Their beaks are long and slender. Coloration may vary depending on where they live, but they often have a striped appearance as they have a dark gray back, gray flanks and white underside. In some adult males, the dorsal fin looks as if has been stuck on backwards. . Unexpectedly they will leap out of water, spin and twist in the air and dive back in giving you an unforgettably exciting sea excursion. Spinner dolphins gather in pods that can number into the thousands. These animals may also associate with other marine life, including humpback whales, spotted dolphins and yellow fin tuna.