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City of Colombo

Colombo is a magical, tasty, diverse, and amusing city. It's the Capital of Sri Lanka with a population above 4.5 million. If you visit Sri Lanka, you should definitely spend at least a day in Colombo and experience the uniqueness of this famous city.

Your Colombo visit can also be a shopping rampage. You'll find excellent street markets, shopping centers, boutiques to assuage your shopping hunger.

Souvenirs in Colombo

Sri Lanka is famous for its traditional arts & crafts which are produced in different parts of the island as home based cottage industries

Producing eco friendly craft using natural materials made applying age-old technique which has passed from generation to generation for centuries.

These crafts are best purchased from the villages where you can observe how they are produced while you are traveling in Sri Lanka. You can also purchase these crafts from the government run Laksala outlet located in the heart of the city of Colombo. Some of the Sri Lankan attractive handicrafts found in Laksala include Batiks, Ebony products and Brass work, Wooden Masks, Costumes, Lace and Jewellery.

Fashion and Life styles

There are several premier fashion & lifestyle shops are found in Colombo such as Odel, House of Fashion, Megestic city and Liberty Plaza are some of these Which offers designer and high street fashion for men, women and children; home ware; jewellery & accessories; luggage; perfumes & cosmetics; books & music; confectionery and food. More significantly, it offers an unparalleled sensorial shopping experience that keeps shoppers coming back.

National Museum:

Housed in a grand colonial building, the National Museum is the custodian of Sri Lanka's cultural heritage. Among its exhibits are a vast collection of half a million books, more than 4000 archaic palm leaf manuscripts, rock sculptures from the ancient cities, bronze brassware and royal weapons of Sri Lankan kings, fascinating paintings of by gone eras and an excellent collection of antique demon masks.

You’ll also encounter all manner of art, carvings and statuary from Sri Lanka’s ancient past, as well as swords, guns and other paraphernalia from the colonial period. There are fascinating 19th-century reproductions of English paintings of Sri Lanka, and an excellent collection of antique demon masks. Look for the magnificent royal throne made for King Wimaladharma in 1693 as well as the 9th-century bronze Bodhisattva Sandals. The grounds are shaded by magnificent banyan trees.